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Originally Posted by xymox View Post
Are they concerned more about the 737-800 that fly out today - or the larger 777 and Airbus international flights they want to attract tomorrow with the new 'west terminal' that's planned?
When I worked for BA and later flew on the 747's and 777's from London to Phoenix, they almost always used the north runway, which is the longest runway of the 3 at 11,490'. When it did use the longer of the 2 south runways, it was always for takeoff to the west, never to the east, so the Coyotes development still shouldn't impose any sort of an undue burden on aircraft being able to take off or land at PHX. I still maintain that it's more out of jealousy and spite that the City of Phoenix is doing this, rather than a genuine concern for residents under the flight path or safety. The building heights are all within what the FAA allows for that location, and I believe that the Coyotes have already reduced the maximum height proposed from 140' to 120' anyway.
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