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Originally Posted by Vince_ View Post
It's great to see this project moving forward. This area desperately needs people and foot traffic. I'm also reminded of an old post I made in this thread about adding a regional rail station here and someone said there was once a stop at 9th and Girard so I found a photo. It never ceases to amaze me how much of Philadelphia's past has been destroyed.

Here's the link to the photo:
Very cool find! There were a lot of "inner-city" rail stations that were eliminated as suburbanization took hold in the 20th Century. The 52nd Street station on the main line is another prime example. We should eventually rebuild many of these stations as part of some unplanned-for but very much needed revamp of regional rail according to European best practices (ie increased frequency; all-level boarding platforms; reduced staffing on trains; lower fares and "fare equity" so that short rides within the city are priced similar to buses and subways).
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