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Originally Posted by Handro View Post
Who at Belgravia is making the decision to keep that on their website?
It's not featured on their website anymore, I had to google the Via Como name to get to the project page.

I talked to one of the Belgravia guys once, even they kinda roll their eyes at Via Como nowadays... but I think it was very successful at the time. Not sure why yuppies in the late 90s wanted to live with busy expressways on TWO sides, but who knows... it's a great location otherwise. The Grand Blue Line stop was actually shuttered through the 90s but it reopened around the time that Via Como was built.

This is only a suspicion, but it's possible that the Marchetti family that owned Como Inn had some input on the design. Sometimes projects are structured as a partnership between a skilled developer and a legacy landowner. Or the landowner wants to weigh in on the plans before they agree to sell.

Originally Posted by Jibba View Post
OK, so I've seen that Via Como and have never known who was behind it! I could never decide if it was a sincere attempt or an ironic statement a la Tigerman or FAT. It's almost so bad it's good.
It's no Piazza D'Italia...
la forme d'une ville change plus vite, hélas! que le coeur d'un mortel...
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