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Imo it's better that way. The green circle on the roof looked out of place and interrupted the otherwise uninterrupted flat roof surface. The absence of the interruption of the green circle makes the roof appear more massive, similar to how the old twin towers' uninterrupted vertically extending flat facade made them look more formidable. What is more regrettable imo is that the dark colored stone obelisk planned on the southeast edge of the PAC is no longer present in the newer renders. That would have made for a nice and unique landmark on the new WTC site.
Never mind about the first part, the seemingly permanent rooftop access block on the northeast corner of the roof that is visible from street level, the undisguised heating and cooling vents and the davits sticking out on the western and northern edges of the roof already interrupt what could have been the appearance of a consistent flat roof design.

It seems that work on the roof is either being finished or being paused, while work on the entry stairway (which appears to be overlain with pink netting) on the southern edge of the PAC and work on the north entrance to the PAC are picking up.

March 29, 2022 12:15 pm eastern

March 31, 2022 12:15 pm eastern

Lifts have been attached to the davits on the western and northern sides of the roof.

Some white tarp or sheets are being lain over the bottoms and edges of the rectangular and triangular pits to the southeast of the PAC.

Instead of a white wall, construction netting is once again apparent behind the outdoor construction elevator on the eastern side of the building. This elevator is also being disassembled. A lot of work on the interior is still ongoing.

New pictures of the facade and interior construction were posted March 29, 2022 by Sciame Construction on facebook and instagram:
pictures taken in February 2022 of the facade, interior work and inside of the looking down the entry stairway ramp
picture taken of the south facade from the memorial

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