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Originally Posted by gillynova View Post
I can't wait for the green space next to Chase Center though.
I'd be looking forward to it even more if it were going to look like it does in the rendering, since they've grassed over a parking lot in their artistic license. oh well. it is a gorgeous rendering, though - makes me want to live there.


block 6W

the plaza on the north side of the Vision Neurosciences building is getting a fancy gateway sign

and on the south side... well. we have asphalt with a capital A

but there is always Crane Cove Park

so glad they are leaving the utility lines hanging over the entrances

the corner where 19th St will enter the park area

this one on the corner of Third and 20th didn't turn out as bad as I'd feared from the renderings

the mid-block passage at 950 Tennessee is getting its pavers, among other things

the Psychiatry Center has gotten its first glass (on the Third St side)

the sidewalk on the Third St side of Uber has seen some recent progress after none for quite some time

definitely still a ways to go

the hotel

work along the creek also progressing

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