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from yesterday...

work along the Creek:

work on the hotel has resumed

the bayfront park by Chase Center still looks like this:

lighting has gone in and work around the edges of the parking lot at Third and Mariposa continues. Third St side

Illinois side

where the sidewalk will enter Crane Cove Park on the north end, following an old rail path

cluster of recent projects seen from Tennessee St in Dogpatch

sidewalk on Tennessee side of 950 Tennessee has been poured, with what looks like ample room for additional plantings

... and its mid-block passage through to Minnesota St is shaping up

explored the grand staircase adjacent to 'The Landing' on 22nd St and Texas St, west of the Caltrain station.

the bottom section has landscaping, lighting, and close-up mural (looking back down toward Texas St)...

but as you climb, the landscaping peters out...

... and so, eventually, do the steps. I was disappointed to find it has not been connected to the street (Missouri St) at the upper end, so is not useful to the public at all yet

one more look down

the UCSF Psychiatry Center

plants in the planters, sidewalk party open, almost done at 2177 Third St

more general look down Third from this location at 19th (with T-Third loop track)

the little one at the north end of Tennessee almost done as well

a peek into the mews that will be formed through block 6 when 6W is finished

looking north along Merrimac showing the west side of block 6W

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