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Originally Posted by Westsidelife View Post
What's with the dashed green line branching off from Crenshaw? I thought that option was already eliminated from further consideration?
It is, I sketched this out about 3 years ago before the recent changes. I forgot to place a caveat note under the image.

Why isn't this project being studied right now... Is it because of the high cost and the prioritization of the Westside Extension? BTW, what is the cost of subway vs. elevated?
Yes. The problem with Vermont corridor right now compared to Wilshire is that it has the transit dependency and ridership on its own to justify it as maybe a streetcar or even LRT but it's dependent on a Downtown and Wilshire corridor connection to make it work because Wilshire Corridor contains the jobs that would stimulate the ridership for a Subway. The Vermont corridor minus USC/Coliseum or extending it much further south into the South Bay (current Metro idea is Vermont corridor from Wilshire to the Green line)

I don't have exact costs but it works out to something like At-grade rail as the base value, elevated rail is about 2.5-3 times the cost of the base, subway is 5-6 times the cost of the base and twice as much as elevated.
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