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Originally Posted by Westsidelife View Post
^ LA could use a streetcar system similar to the one in Toronto. Perhaps a resurrection of the Red Car system?
Or at the very least Trolleybuses and more dedicated Bus Only Lanes.


As for Crenshaw Corridor as currently truncated doesn't work. However when extended even coupled with the West Hollywood Santa Monica Blvd subway option for the Westside Corridor study that could provide a needed North-South Corridor.


Not from Metro's plans but a personal fantasy map.

I definitely agree with the merits of a Vermont Corridor given that there are sections that do not need to be underground due to the wider street widths. A good study needs to be done to show how this can be better utilized as a Regional transit corridor. Either by using a piece of a railroad right-of-way at the south end of the line as Crenshaw Corridor has the advantage of using a railroad right of way to reach LAX and tie into the existing rail transit infrastructure with relative ease via the Green Line and possibly Expo.
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