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JULY 1, 2009 | Expo Line

From The Transit Coalition:

Originally Posted by Gokhan
Here is an exhilarating Expo development. These pictures are taken at Normandie Ave looking west this morning. They are laying subballast (fine gravel), which is the first phase of track installation. The next will be putting ties and rail and pouring ballast (coarse gravel) on top of it.

Also in the pictures notice the right-of-way curbs as well as the ballast-retaining curbs. Between the right-of-way curbs and ballast-retaining curbs will be landscaping.

I've also noticed work going on La Brea bridge west abutment and east bridge forms. They have cast the curbs for the Ballona Creek street bridge. Also, power lines at La Cienega seem to have been gone, except for some low-hanging lines east of the street, which seem to be fiber-optic lines, hence they are not dangerous to work near with and probably will not be removed as a result.

A lot of utility work is still taking place near Vermont Ave, which probably won't be completed for another two moths at the least. Phase 1 utility work has been extensive, probably because the line is adjacent to the East Central Interceptor Sewer.
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