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Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
Except that there's already VRE operating in that exact corridor. It would be much less expensive to improve that VRE line to something approaching Metro level of service than to build a whole new facility.

The only major suburban Metrorail extension I support is Tysons Corner. And luckily, we've got that one under construction.

Everything else should be commuter rail or light rail.
I'm not a native to DC, but... I think you're right. Core expansion of the Metro system is most important. That should come first.

However, there's one exception to your rule on suburban expansion that would be good for further down the line.

From time to time, a full circumferential Purple Line has been mentioned. Usually it's proposed as an extension of the light rail line, but since that would be 60ish miles long, I can't see how that could possibly work as light rail. It would be best if implemented as a Metro line.

There's the temptation to stick to the beltway median since that's the path of least resistance, and there are places where it would make sense (most of PGC) but the primary goal should be to hit all the spots that are (or could easily become) walkable urban nodes, since there's no point to tying a bunch of suburban park and rides together.

See this Google Map for an idea of what that might look like. I figured a 60 mile line with 1 stop about every 2 miles for a total of 30 stops.
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