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Originally Posted by TechTalkGuy View Post
I recall back in the day when the crosswalks were painted in stars & stripes and the center had a concrete island with chains acting as a wall.

There was a McDonald's near the 13th Street subway stairs.
Every October had the annual "Super Sunday" on the Parkway.

I doubt the millennials would know any of that.

At least now you have a tower at the end of Market Street.

Wow, you're right; I remember that. You just brought back some good memories.

I remember they were talking about building skyscrapers on top of the Gallery back then; there were suppose to be huge skyscrapers at 13th and Market and Delaware and Market to but they never did it. If I remember right the one at 13th and Market was suppose to be a Transportation Complex of some sort but the one on the end of Market Street was suppose to be really tall and dynamic. Back in those days when it was delayed I spoke to Mayor Rizzo about it but he just shrugged and said, "Some plans don't happen!"

You bring back some really good memories. There use to be a drug store where that Restaurant is on 12th and Market is now; the Hard Rock place use to be drug store called Sun Ray; I use to go in there to talk to a lady who worked there.