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HaHa! Kaiser just made my day a little better.

Glad Sophie is doing better, Kevin. I would not have slept very well.
What's really scary is when they run off. My boy, Buddy, did that last April, 17. (a day I will never forget) when the dogsitter let him out at noon and didn't watch him. She didn't let us know until 5 hours later when we got home from work. It was in a area of town with many busy streets and other dogs (he's pretty small and NOT a fighter). Me and Virginia looked for another 5 hours and I knew in my heart that he was gone for good. What a horrible feeling. Every awful scenario possible went through my head. But I had to try and get some sleep since I had to get up at 4:00AM......Anyway as it turned out, the whole time we're looking for him and worrying ourselves sick, Buddy was living it up a few blocks down. At around 10:00 PM, as Virginia was hanging a "Lost Dog" sign, she saw a "Found Dog" sign. She called the number and when she got to this guys house, there was Buddy, sitting on his couch eating Kibbles and Bits. The guy who found him said he saw him sitting on the corner looking lost at 12:30 PM so he was on the streets for only a half hour after all.
That was the dogsitters last day with us.
My feet hurt!

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