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Originally Posted by patriotizzy View Post
I don't get the impression that too much is going on. What exactly is too much here?

Imo there are just too many materials/textures/elements. Imo the one I dislike most is the staggered multi-color stone facade element. That would look better if it matched the simpler metal facade.

The staggered ceiling recesses also clash with the staggered facade. They just aren't in harmony.

I like the chrome column and glass walls. I actually like a lot of these elements individually - but all together they just don't flow. This is just my subjective opinion, of course.

Ronan was actually a professor at my undergrad. Never took his studio though. Didn't know this was his. I usually love his stuff. He has a very clean, refined aesthetic. See the Poetry Foundation in Chicago. So this is kind of surprising.
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