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fantastic! probably the best evanston set this forum has ever seen. you really captured the wonderful combination of its urban retail corridors and downtown along with its lush and leafy residential side streets. i work up in evanston and i grew up in neighboring wilmette, so this place has been pretty much my stomping grounds for most of my life, even though i've never technically lived within its borders.

evanston isn't exactly a satellite city so much as it is a city neighborhood that was never successfully annexed by chicago despite several attempts, and as a result it developed a much more pronounced downtown area than other northside city neighborhoods. evanston directly borders the city along howard street and downtown evanston is only ~12 miles north of downtown chicago as the crow flies. the image below gives a pretty good idea of the geographic relationship between evanston and the city (downtown evanston is on the lower left, with northwestern university in the extreme lower left corner)).

source: from a google image search about a year ago, i saved the image but forgot where it came from.
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