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Evanston, IL - Chicago's fantastic northern neighbor

I headed up to Evanston today to take some photos of my favorite Illinois city other than Chicago. An active downtown, beautiful leafy neighborhoods, picturesque lakefront setting, and a youthful collegiate presence all combine to create an outstanding city.

Near the Main Street purple line station:

Near the Dempster Street purple line station:

Downtown Evanston:

Evanston lakefront:

dog beach

Davis Street purple line station - downtown Evanston:

Northwestern University

Northwestern's lakefront:

I just had to get this guy showing off his hot body. Yum!

Another hot guy!

Lake Michigan is beautiful, isn't it?

And another shot of my hot bodied guy.

Now for some photos of the beautiful homes & leafy green residential areas near Northwestern's campus:

Near the Noyes purple line station:

Another decent body!

The Foster Street purple line station:

Just a few blocks east from all of these beautiful homes is the wonderful lakefront:

Evanston is very leafy green!

Time to head home from the Central Street purple line station:

The purple line express has arrived for a relatively quick commute to Belmont.

I hope you all were able to enjoy Evanston through these photos as much as I enjoyed my visit this afternoon.
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