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Originally Posted by thegoatman View Post
That whole clybourn/elston area by the river is an urban planning disaster. It's like someone dropped DFW suburbia into our city.

Luckily I think with Lincoln Yards and similar projects, the real estate will skyrocket and redevelopment will be inevitable.
It's a really weird area. All those industrial areas there are just strange IMO. Since moving back to town, we've had to go near that area a bunch of times and I just kind of cringe at it (plus the entire North Ave area up til Old Town).

I do think though if this is successful, we'll probably see that area blow up. I think some of the people who have purchased property or even opened up eateries up there are smart if they can sustain it until the area gets a lot more people.

But the entire transit thing there is just a big blah. I know there's a Metra stop there (convenient for those who work downtown, I guess) and they'll have shuttles to and from the L. The place we lived in at LIC Queens had that which came in handy. Although the walk in the last few years was nicer than what this in Chicago will be right now. That took a number of years in LIC to get to that point though so we'll see.

I'm excited for all these projects in like 6+ years to see the impacts. But the transit planning of some of them is pretty terrible in certain aspects.
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