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Originally Posted by thegoatman View Post
^Damn that went up fast. Nice to see the quick work.
It'll still take awhile to actually complete just due to the nature of the use of the building. But it's shot up pretty quickly which is nice.

The next few buildings are supposed to start in the next few months (Q2 or maybe Q3 - hopefully Q2). I believe that's the 2 parcels just north of the Home Depot on North Ave, near The Hideout - office/entertainment and residential.

In all honesty it's going to be weird with a giant suburban Home Depot right there. It reminds me more of stuff that was happening in Queens and Brooklyn in the years I lived there (i.e. not long ago) where developers would throw stuff up in really "MEH" areas and basically try and organically develop it into something better over the future years.

North Avenue near there though has objectively pretty bad traffic at times. I know they will offer shuttle service to both the Brown and Red lines from here but it would be cool to build a subway extension for a new line off of the Red Line to this area and then down to Goose Island for that very near future other large scale residential development too.
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