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Originally Posted by Rocket49 View Post
Thanks for the info.

But I assume there are at least some standards for what can be approved as a landmark?

For instance , I hope it would not be possible for a McDonalds built in 2005 to be classified as a landmark
Generally a building must be at least 50 years old in order to be considered for landmark status, though exceptions have been made for exceptional examples, such as with the Daley Center and Inland Steel Building. A building must also have high integrity, that is largely unaltered or easily restorable to it's original construction or period of significance. Those are the base lines to be eligible, but to be designated, building must also be shown to meet 2 of seven criteria: importance to city heritage, association with a significant event, association with an important person, important architecture movement, important architect, distinctive theme as a district, or unique visual features.

In the case of Essex, it qualified for designation as 1. an important work by architect A. Epstein and Sons, 2. as a postwar building within the existing Michigan Boulevard Landmark District (per a study that was conducted this summer to expand the period of significance for the district), and 3. as a highly intact example of the International Style (and fairly early example at that)