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Originally Posted by CaliNative View Post
It helps to have money...lots and lots of money. If you don't have money, it is almost impossible to get a loan to build. Developers without money is the null set. Otherwise, join a firm like ONNI that actually develops projects. Work your way up. Or start at the bottom. Buy a unit or two, rent them out. Pyramid up. Unfortunately, now is not the time. Real estate prices look very inflated now. Wait for a pullback. It will come. Timing is everything, and so is luck.
To make this time run fast, actually, you can participate into projects that demand less money than development but still be in the same field and help to make some money. I've found an interesting article - "How to invest in German redevelopment projects on a modest budget" (Tranio, Yulia Kozhevnikova, 22/02/18) and because i saw that many of us here are really fond of Berlin, i think it could be interesting to show it to you As i understand one needs to invest a reasonable amount of money into the construction project and after it'll be finished one can sell it and have profits.
For example it tells about redevelopment projects called "mezzanine financing" with the property in Berlin:
"European Union (EU) key interest rates recently hit an all-time low. Bank financing is now only 1.5–3% per annum, while yields on fixed deposits, bonds and rental properties have shrunk.
Because of this, investors are now looking for other ways to grow their savings. Many have turned to more profitable strategies known as Value Added projects, which include property construction or redevelopment.(...)"
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