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Up there neighboring the big church, there's still a carmel.

IMG_0097 by mousquet, sur Flickr

That is a monastery where nuns, the so called Carmelites are locked up. Of their own free will, huh. No one here forces them to live like this. It's just a choice they made. Their way of life, so to say.

And there's this gentle Irish pub.

IMG_0099 by mousquet, sur Flickr


I tried to shoot the church itself, which felt impossible to me.

IMG_0098 by mousquet, sur Flickr

IMG_0101 by mousquet, sur Flickr

IMG_0116 by mousquet, sur Flickr

IMG_0103 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Ça va comme tu veux, vieux Louis ?

IMG_0106 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Yeah, this is king Saint-Louis. In fact, I should be more respectful here. I think he's simply the only serious and faithful king France ever had through her endless history.

Quoi de neuf, la Jeanne !?

IMG_0104 by mousquet, sur Flickr

This is Joan of Arc. The medieval English would have burned her alive as a witch because she gave the French the strength to kick them out of France.
So the Roman church made a saint of her too.
Ils ne savaient pas que c'était impossible, alors ils l'ont fait.
They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it.
That's partly what the Lord teaches about.

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