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I took these pictures in rue Damrémont, rue Lamarck, rue Caulaincourt and some surrounding little streets.

IMG_0032 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Bwahaha, look at that.

IMG_0033 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Hoïaïaïe, I'm telling you I must learn how to use that camera.

This florist below will have their humble 2-storey building demolished someday.

IMG_0034 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Never mind, they'll get some compensation.

Around there, gentrification is much done by now. Retailers, customers, dwellers and everyone don't act quite the same way as the people we've just seen on blvd Ornano.
It's bourgeoisie where we are now. Yet, again, the 2 neighborhoods are only a couple of blocks apart.

I think that's "Art Nouveau" or something.

IMG_0035 by mousquet, sur Flickr

IMG_0036 by mousquet, sur Flickr

Ah, something contemporary right there for a little change.

IMG_0038 by mousquet, sur Flickr

But the other pics I took of it are such a mess that they are not usable.
Ils ne savaient pas que c'était impossible, alors ils l'ont fait.
They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it.
That's partly what the Lord teaches about.

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