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Having Paris to learn about photography.

I love cycling the city. It's only been feeling better and better since we've had fair bike lanes pretty much all over.
So early this morning, I told myself - let's take the US/Canada forum to the 18th arrondissement. I like it and it's been a long while since my last visit over there.

Unfortunately, I'm still completely unable to handle a camera properly. The one I picked recently is supposed not to be too hard to use for newbies and dummies, but of course I had some bad trouble with shade / sunlight contrasts as I let the freaking cam do all the settings/work on its own. And I don't even know how to frame a decent photo yet, given the lens I have.

So this is what I've got for now. Yes, Lord knows it's not good at all.
However, I'm determined to get better at this to serve the French urban-planning and architecture site.
I'll bring some contents to this forum too. Just give me a bit of time to grow slightly better at taking pictures.
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