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The three posts following mine above all bring up interesting and valid points!

In terms of the landfill that most of the east side of SF has, this is obviously a limiting factor to an extent. Because of earthquakes, obviously, the price to build (to code) is like a billion times higher if the building were to reach to x height. But even so, I think it's probably worth it in the long run considering the Bay Area's trajectory.

In terms of the 25 foot lot width- what would the answer to this aesthetic question be? Have different fa├žades every 25 feet? I'm not opposed to it, but I think in modern day this would likely go wrong fast rather than mimic anything good that happened a couple centuries ago.

Overall, the aesthetic of this area of town is definitely off from the standard SF feel, but who knows, is 40 years this could be considered something that makes SF a diverse, cosmopolitan city.

The bottom line is that more units are a plus and any development on this side of town is a good thing, especially since the west side is unlikely to ever see anything like this in our lifetimes.
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