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Originally Posted by urbanlife View Post
Well John Cook might need to spend some time in Portland, we are proof that weather doesnt matter when it comes to bike for the over 50 comment, that is a generalized load of crap, I have seen plenty of people above 50 that bike to work and have legs that could easily kick the crap out of anyone.

What annoys me the most is when car drivers like Cook think that the car is the only form of transportation and expect there to be a parking spot in front of their house and in front of their work for them everyday...they are the same morons that think it is okay to drive in the bike lanes too, we dont drive on the sidewalk and we dont drive in the bike lanes.

Ugh, it is people like this that has made me lose interesting in the Republican Party every year. I am getting to the point that I dont even care what they think anymore because many of them are sounding like they are still stuck in 1950.
Well, biking may be a great and comfortable thing to do in Portland, but in cities in the Southeast, Mid Atlantic, basically just the East, the heat and humidity from Spring to Fall can be quite unbearable.

That being said, there should still be some more support of biking. Even if you're not gonna have people in business suits and stuff riding them to work, there's not doubt that it will take pressure of roadways, removing people from them that are just on their way to class, more casual jobs, etc...
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