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Kai Tak for people sought by alliance
The Standard
Monday, November 19, 2012

A professional alliance has proposed replacing a low-density residential section of the Kai Tak development with public and Home Ownership Scheme flats to accommodate 32,000 more people.

Local Research Community, Harmonic HK and The Professional Commons said their proposed plan, "Kai Tak for the People," will allow urban land to be utilized to meet housing demand.

On Saturday, Development Bureau chief Paul Chan Mo-po said the bureau is considering increasing the housing density of the Kai Tak project.

Under the current plan, 6.56 hectares will be set aside to provide 1,312 units of low-density luxury flats that will accommodate about 3,360 residents.

To meet the great demand for housing, the alliance proposes instead that the area, plus an additional 1.5 hectares, be used for about 11,000 public units in the northwestern corner of the current Sports City site to accommodate an additional 32,000 people. The ratio of the public- to-private housing mix would increase from 38:62 to 56:44.

Albert Lai Kwong-tak, convener of the research committee of The Professional Commons, said by providing more public housing the government may help increase supply and meet the need for decanting flats during the redevelopment phase of old areas in Ma Tau Wai and Kowloon City.

Lai said the provisions for Sports City and Metro Park remain intact under the new proposal.

"To scrap the luxury flat plan is a minimal change while the functions of Sports City and Metro Park remain unchanged," he said.

The alliance plans to shift the Secondary Stadium to the south, to build the public flats in the north.

The views near the middle of the runway area, on which the government plans to build the low-density residential area, would then not be affected.

The alliance also suggests extending the Metro Park further to the south in order to free around 150,000 square feet for retail commercial activities and art performances.

Stanley Ng Wing-fai, strategic committee member for The Professional Commons, described the alliance amendments as "moderate."

The alliance may also apply to the Town Planning Board to amend the proposed project.
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