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version 2 doesn't look exciting enough for what coney island should be. i have just spent the entire week at coney island and honestly i freakin love it. i used to think it was so trashy but ive had so much fun. at the beach, at the pier, in the parks, at the aquarium. i will be going back all summer, it was really fun. i didn't have my camera all week but i took pics the day i did. now as much fun as coney island is, i do feel that i can be better. but im starting to think that the overly commercial proposals will not work. it also looks rather expensive for locals to visit.

coney island train station. the solar paneled train shed not shown

boardwalk. several parts are in need of maintenance.

the point. low income housing that would undoubtedly gentrify and be cleaned up should the coney island revamp actually happen. in this case thats not such a bad thing

the park with surrounding projects

this beach is fuckin awesome. i know its not the best in NYC. breezy point is but its the most fin ive had at a beach ever. (except for maybe gunnison, sandy hook, for those in the know)

the water is cold only for the first 45 minutes, then it feels good. we went swimming but you don't want to see pics of me with my shirt off

aquarium. and i love this pic

the are the blocks that will house the majority of the new developments

train shed at coney island stop

i really hope they keep the Wonder Wheel

A lot of things were closed at Wonder Wheel park

Astroland Park had all but one ride open

And ofcourse there is the cyclone

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