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Originally Posted by the urban politician
^ These are just enrollments though, right? I think that's different from the number of students actually living in these areas.
Yes, these numbers are enrollments. Enrollment numbers are what the original article dealt with, including the 52,000 figure that the article mentioned. The study didn't attempt to quantify how many students actually live in the central area. An interesting question, to be sure, but it would be hard to count without doing a big multi-school student survey, since most would be living "off campus." I do know that the dormitory population in the Loop proper is about 4000 now. Loyola and Northwestern also have dorms on their downtown campuses, that between them probably house another 500 or so students.

I also know that despite the high cost of living downtown, the apartment buildings in Streeterville house many students who attend Northwestern's Chicago campus. Between the law and medical schools, it's probably about 1000 students. I also know that a fair number of students who attend the Chicago-Kent Law School in the West Loop live in Presidential Towers and in the Greektown area. Beyond that, the number of students actually living downtown is a mystery to me.
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