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Originally Posted by the urban politician
^ These are just enrollments though, right? I think that's different from the number of students actually living in these areas.
Yes, it is different. I know that Northwestern seems to be getting rid of their downtown dorms. Not that anybody lived in them anyway. It was always MUCH cheaper to rent a [much nicer] studio apartment in Streeterville. Even then, a lot of people don't live anywhere near Streeterville. Students can buy a ridiculously discounted parking pass for their parking garage. Northwestern runs a shuttle for students every half hour (or maybe it's every hour) between the downtown campus and the Evanston campus. It's easy to get to that area via bus or train so you can live pretty much anywhere in the city too. I would guess that no more than 1/3 of the downtown Northwestern students live downtown.

The other schools in that list are probably pretty similar.
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