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Originally Posted by Lukecuj
^ nice numbers.... what about School of the Art Insitute, Robert Morris, East-West Univ., Spertus.

The old post office would be a great re-use for expanding college space needs.
All the schools you named are in the area that the original study covered. So the enrollments for all of them are included in the 52,000 student figure quoted in the article. Again, all I was trying to do was count up the students that weren't included in that number because their schools are outside the boundaries of the study.

If you're asking what the enrollments are for the schools you listed just out of curiosity, I'm sure you can find them somewhere online.

The old post office is too geographically challenged for higher education purposes in the Loop. It's too far from the State-Wabash-Michigan corridor where most of the schools are located. This nexus of schools first happened due to chance, but is now being actively backed by the city (e.g. public money invested in DePaul's refurbished building at State and Jackson). Even with the mad condo construction in the south Loop, there are still tons of Class B and Class C buildings in that area for the schools to expand to when they're ready.
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