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Originally Posted by jsbrook View Post
Yeah, I have idea who this person is. Nor do I really care. But he or she has evidently identified me in real life and has seen fit to connect a business decision my firm at large made to this project for indiscernible reasons. I guess based on some beef the poster has with me. Not something the forum should have to sit through.
The guy is clearly a creep, however you brought this on yourself. I told you it was a very bad idea to broadcast to an online forum the exact address of a condo you bought. I suggested you delete your post and your laughed me off.

Well, predictably some nut job followed all the breadcrumbs you carelessly left directing anyone who felt like following them to your identity. For your sake i hope his creepy stalker tendencies are reserved for threatening messages online and he doesn't appear on your doorstep one day.