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So, Azerbaidschan is on the European continent since when...? Kiev and Tiflis are on the list but Istanbul and Moscow are not?! Anyways, these lists are always arbitrary and therefore nonsense imo.

Here are some more German cities missing:
Hamburg- 5
Mannheim- 4
Düsseldorf- 3
Bonn- 2
and several with 1- i.e. Leipzig, Nuremberg, Bremerhaven, Offenbach, Jena, Augsburg, Travemünde (Lübeck), Fellbach (Stuttgart), Timmendorf...

Berlin is at 11 already.

Frankfurt has two more projects with 5 towers in set-up stage: ONE (190m) and FOUR (228m+172m+120m+100m). The city will be at 41 this year, with 10 u/c.
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