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Originally Posted by gsjansen View Post
i haven't as of yet been been able to find out anymore about the Oliver residence........but Beaudry might have something to share.

here is his last paragraph in his 6/15/10 "144 S. Grand Revealed" post over at

(Speaking of modern structures on the Hill, remind me sometime to tell y'all about 353 South Hope. The Stuart K. Oliver residence was built on the site of the Hildreth mansion's adjacent carriage house ca. 1952, and Oliver didn't want to sell or move. Stalled the CRA for years. The house was demolished around 1969.)

ok beaudry, consider this sometime and now's i'm remindin' ya! do tell!

the house is visible in all except the 1971 north/east aerial views above, (most notably the 1964 image)

here is the link to my original posting about the Stuart K. Oliver House
Well, dag, if yer all gum remindin' me...!

I guess I could write a li'l somethin'...
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