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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I'm back.

I was thinking about the Ralphs photo.

I would LOVE to see a night version.
Can you imagine the lighting scheme on the center tower/pylon.
The two sides are obviously translucent.
I imagine a spot shooting straight up the white surface,
especially in the center along the vertical lines.

The Ralphs logos were obviously in red (with indirect lighting?)
Perhaps the translucent areas, I mentioned before, were also red.
And it looks as if there were rotating R's on the corners of the building.

That black and white photo you mentioned sopas_ej ;
is it by chance a night shot?
Sorry to say, the photo in the book is a day shot. But I can imagine what you described, and I think that would look really awesome.

According to the book I have, Stiles O. Clements designed the buildings for Ralphs with the company sign and building as one structure.
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