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damn. i thought having a 500 foot glassy looking tower overlooking the ocean would have been fantastic. I don't see an issue in building that there. coney Island was on its last legs. Its become entirely ghetto and rundown. It has only 2 rides worthy of its history. It needs a massive transfusion and this is it. the aquarium is better than i thought they were going to settle for. Because im such a fan of superlatives, ofcourse I wanted to have to have the biggest and best aquarium in the world but space is limited. (unless they want to build southwards onto a pier over the water. how cool would that be!!) The whole plan, the blimp, the giant ferris wheel on a pier, the tower, the cobbled stone street with the year round nightlife, this is all things that are needed and will bring in a new demographic that the park needs to maintain itself in the years to come. Status quo would be a disaster in less than a decade.
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