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I think it would be awesome if they used the Sears Tower, John Hancock Center, and AON Center as models for the Transbay Towers. They seem to have the right dimentions and heights with The Sears Tower being around 150 feet taller than the other two. They would be much closer to each other of course, but with the same or more height as the already existent Chicago models.

I would actually oppose a traffic tunnel running under San Francisco, its just thats its too complex. Imagine, traffic is already packed, I dont even wanna imagine what it would be if they suddently decided to tear up the whole street for several months ... my god, total gridlock the likes of which we've never seen before.

I thought the Replacement might come first, it makes sense after all. It would also make sense if the tallest of the Transbay Towers were built at the same time as the terminal itself, seeming that they will both be joined together. Renzo's tower, being one of the shorter ones I think would come later.

Patience gentlemen, patience ... hopefully soon we'll be able to feast our eyes on a growing Transbay project.
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