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Yes, I think Embarcadero 4 was originally slated to be 60 stories tall. Because of the slab shape of the Embarcadero buildings running east-west lengthwise, it was probably a good idea to shorten it to 45 stories. Even as they are, the Embarcadero Center towers form a huge view blocking wall and large shadows to the north of the complex. I think they might have done better if they built Embarcadero 1 as 60 stories instead of 45, but that was the first tower built before I think the design was changed. Transbay should prove to be much better planned in so many different ways.

The general intention of the planners is to build the maximum amount that the City of San Francisco will accept. In doing so, the planners hope to raise the maximum amount of funds to help pay for the Terminal. Without going into details, there are many reasons why for this project, time and location, going taller is better. I also believe that taller, more world recognized, award winning designed structures, will be a much easier sell to potential tenants and condo buyers. We have already seen the success of One Rincon Hill.

With each successive release of official Transbay information, we have seen great changes in size, height, form and scope. Things have been getting more, and taller each time so far. We don't yet know the outcome of the next release, but we can only speculate based on past trends, and hope for the best.
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