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Originally Posted by Detroit View Post
Not to give any false hope to rumors, but I've been hearing a lot of rumblings about the purchase and redevelopment of Executive Plaza. Apparently, Holy Trinity Church shares a parking lot with Executive Plaza and the details are being worked out to move forward with a sale/redevelopment. Like I said, this could all just be rumored, but I have no reason to not trust my source.
Executive Plaza was listed for sale not too long ago. The sale includes four surface parking lots. I would not be surprised if it sold and an announcement for plans is on the way. Would be cool to reopen it as office space and build some residential mid rise/high rises on some of the parking lots.

Updated list 8/6

Currently being renovated/renovations planned:
1. Book Tower-475ft
2. David Stott Building-437ft
3. Michigan Central Station-232ft
4. United Artists Building-230ft
5. Free Press Building-190ft
6. Metropolitan Building-183ft

Reopened since 2010:
1. David Broderick Tower-369ft
2. Book-Cadillac Hotel-349ft
3. David Whitney Building-272ft
4. Crowne Plaza Riverfront-262ft
5. Fort Shelby Hotel-242ft

New construction approved/underway/recently completed:
1. Hudson's site development-800ft
2. One Monroe Avenue-536ft
3. Crowne Plaza Riverfront tower 2-338ft
4. Chemical Bank headquarters-20 floors
5. Monroe Blocks residential tower 1-26 floors
6. Monroe Blocks residential tower 2-16 floors
7. The Griswold-15 floors

Rumored new construction:
1. Grand & Woodward tower- ~30 floors
2. Residential tower near Comerica Park
3. Hotel near LCA
4. Hotel on Hockeytown Cafe site

Still vacant without plans:
1. Executive Plaza-290ft
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