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A River Runs Through It

Originally Posted by chris08876 View Post
I'll say as an avid NYC follower, Midtown is a chaotic mess. From a pure aesthetic standpoint, Lower Manhattan wins and is the most balanced skyline node that aesthetically wins IMO.

Now from a holy shit moment, Midtown does take the cake, but is overwhelming.

Chicago is unique in that it doesn't overwhelm one and like NY, it has a massive portfolio of architecture that spans the decades. In a way, Chicago is a giant urban-construct of a museum. You can see the various boom cycles embedded in its skyline and core. From pre-wars all the way to modern architecture. Not to mention that its very, very balanced.

I mentioned in another thread about luck and timing... very important in skyline development. Sometimes, its just luck in how a skyline looks and aesthetically pleases.

Chicago is more like caffeine mixed with some nice green tea. Its calm, can energize the spirit, and doesn't overwhelm. NYC is like a giant hit of methamphetamine. Just overwhelms the senses and can make one a bit on edge. Both excite the spirit, but depends if you want a nice buzz or a adrenaline rush that will cause you to crash hard at the end of the day.

I kinda felt this with Chicago when I went. A tad bit calm, somewhat sedated, but still provided a nice thrill with its skyline and even street energy.

On a side note, Miami is up and coming. Its made great strides in the last 10 years. It punches above its weight. Likewise with Seattle, which is booming like crazy.
Another Chi advantage--the Chicago River runs right through the heart of the downtown district. Very fun to take a river cruise past all the historic buildings, or stroll the shore. The rivers in NYC border the skyline. Plus the river is green on St. Paddy's day. Fun had by all. Plus Chicago so far hasn't allowed really skinny supertalls yet. Hopefully the skinny fad will go away. Building height to width ratios should be no more than 20/1, and maybe 15/1 in my opinion. Some of the new midtown towers (perhaps not all) look like they are well over 20/1 in H/W. Some of them really do look like smokestacks from a distance. Aesthetically not satisfying in my opinion. Give me the Chrysler or Empire State anyday topped by pleasing spires.

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