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Originally Posted by moorhosj1 View Post
The Red Line extension price tag includes 4 new stations and 5.5 miles of new track. The CTA extends beyond the city boundaries in all directions, except one direction where it stops 5.5 miles before the city ends. It seems reasonable to fix that before adding a Blue Line stop at Diversey for people who already have a CTA running through their neighborhood.
There already is a Blue Line Station at Diversey... The Logan Square Spaulding exit is literally one block from the Milwaukee/Diversey/Kimball intersection.

Also remember that the city limits carry on much further to the south than they do North. Howard is only 7600 North, the 95/Dan Ryan station is 20 blocks further South than Howard is North. Davis is roughly where 95/Dan Ryan is relative to downtown.

The Red Line Extension is a total waste of money. It would be much more practical to reopen closed Oak Park Blue Line stations, Pink Line Stations, and Green Line stops. Literally the California station is just sitting there rusting away in the middle of the Eisenhower.

Hell for $2 billion we could probably have connected the Brown Line to the Blue Line along Ashland. At least get Sterling Bay to match the $2 billion to make LY not a transit desert.
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