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Originally Posted by woodrow View Post
Kamin is not and idiot and he is not an elitist. I don't agree with everything he says (haven't read this review yet), but his writing kept Daley from building an abysmal victory column at Wacker & Michigan (Roman, or neoclassical - IN ALUMINUM!), he was scathing in his review of the 1st iteration of the Trump tower, which was a bad design, and his Pulitzer Prize winning series of articles about the south lakefront are terrific, and I think pushed forward the discussion about how woefully inadequate access to the Lakefront was. His concerns about Lincoln Yards mirrors what many on this forum have said. He is spot on about City Front, which informs his concern about LY.

Now, he was wrong bout the Lucas Museum and other things issues where I disagree with him.
Agreed with this. He'd done this city a great service. Like others have said, I don't always agree with him, like his latest review of the ORD finalists' entries. His reasoning was a bit simplistic, imo, considering the complexities.

Sometimes his reviews do come across as a bit "pompous" but often times I think he was just in a "cranky" mood and took it out in his column.