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I'm very proud to say that there was no opposition from my neighbors at 165 N Canal - just some legitimate concerns about noise and staging. It definitely helps having the exact same team involved in this building. The Clark construction crew did an admirable job trying to address complaints / concerns throughout Riverside construction. There were donuts provided on mornings after night work, meet and greets for neighbors and crew - even going to the extent of the PM publicly posting his cell number and encouraging people to call 24/7.

Thinking back to the Riverside development (about 15' from half of the 165 Canal's balconies) even that project had little opposition from neighbors. In that case there were the usual concerns about views, but the Board's stance was that the new building (and specifically covering the tracks) would greatly increase condo values - and they were right. I wish the rest of the West Loop residents could be as reasonable when it comes to welcoming new development.