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This may be an unpopular opinion on this forum, but I really wish SEPTA would scrap any plans to build a NHSL extension to King of Prussia. I don't see a scenario in which this whole effort doesn't turn out to be a boondoggle. As someone who has spent a good amount of time in Tyson's Corner, VA (a pretty close approximation to KoP), it's incredibly difficult to turn an auto-oriented location into one that is conducive to taking public transit and walking. Tysons, to be blunt, really sucks as a pedestrian. Unless the landlords in KoP are planning on reorienting their developments to be pedestrian friendly (i.e. unfriendly to autos), this whole project is going to be underutilized.

The money spent on this project would be far better utilized expanding transit in the city, such as extending express BSL service to South Philadelphia, burying the trolleys along Lancaster Avenue, creating a Ridge-avenue spur of the BSL, etc.

Transit and land use are the same issue, and KoP is auto-oriented from top to bottom. An extension of a seldom used high speed trolley isn't going to change that.
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