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Alexandria's earnings conference call revealed a couple of tidbits today:

1. 1500 Owens is now fully-committed. As you may remember, it was announced several months ago that UCSF would be taking ~40% of the building for their Orthopedics Institute. During today's conference call, Alexandria mentioned that a "multi-billion dollar equity market cap biotech company" is taking the remainder of the space.

2. Alexandria had been in discussions with two institutions for build-to-suit projects in Mission Bay, but have put those off until next year because of a complete evaporation of construction financing.

No specific word about 1600 Owens, for which they are still casting piles. Based on general comments from the past two conference calls, I assume that this project will come to a halt once the piles are done and until the financing market improves and they get an anchor tenant locked in.
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