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Originally Posted by HossC View Post
This picture of Hollywood/Cherokee must've been taken around the same time as those posted by Martin Pal. USC dates it at circa 1936/1958. The same picture can be found at where it's dated 1937.

USC Digital Library

Here's a close-up of the box on the roof. It appears to have a ladder and hatch at the rear, but otherwise I'm none the wiser. The sign on the corner of the building states that the "owner will erect new building".

Detail of picture above.

The Virginia, Hollywood Blvd. Sans Hat. most likely mid-'30s ('36)

Speaking of art, [yet unknown location] burlesque shows had a lot of it. Suspect it was downtown, '36.

When in town, look for a place with hot and cold water. "134"

147 Main Street - Too good not to repost.

WigWag recommends not going too far off the beaten [Beverly Hills] Bridle Path. You could get lost and end up on the wrong blog.

Noah Cross giving directions to the Abacore Club?

Martin: Doubtful this has anything to do with MI., mostly because it predates it by 3-4 years.

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