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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Los Angeles Pressed Brick Co. (no date)


Anyone have an address?

Really need to guesstimate the date of your image, I think it falls very near the date LAPB moved operations. Charlie Frost organized the Los Angeles Pressed Brick and Terra Cotta Company in 1887. The company office was located at 204 South Spring Street until 1896, when it was moved to 119 South Broadway. In 1900, the office was moved to the Frost Building at 145 Broadway. The entire sixth floor of the Frost Building was where the company had its products showroom. The original brickyard was located on three acres of land at Cleveland and College (very near the French Hospital). They used clay taken from this location (and supplemented it with clay brought in from Riverside County) until they closed this yard in 1916 and moved into a new, expanded (13 acres!) operation on Date Street right where it makes that 90 degree turn to run up to Alhambra Street. Interestingly, at least to me, you can find the second yard by starting at the first yard at College and Cleveland and simply running your finger down the map (Baist 1921), following College to where it turns into Date Street. The Los Angeles Pressed Brick yard is south of Date Street. Apropos of nothing in particular, I have a few LAPB bricks that I rescued from Mignonette (at Fremont) as they were on death watch due to the coming condominium construction. I'll try to take some snaps of them and post them. Also got a couple of granite bricks from Bruno I'll try to include them.

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