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MichaelRyerson Aug 24, 2012 4:41 PM

Yes I had the same thought, Earl. This would be the same model in which Wiley Post and Will Rogers lost their lives in Point Barrow, Alaska.

Lwize Aug 24, 2012 9:53 PM


Originally Posted by KevinW (Post 5809166)
And hey, I'm the first post on page 450!!!! This thread blows me away.

You're on Page 360, not 450.

fhammon Aug 24, 2012 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by Lwize (Post 5809763)
You're on Page 360, not 450.

Looks like page 450 to me.
Is it possible that you have a differently adjusted format as in more content per page?

ethereal_reality Aug 24, 2012 10:36 PM

Page 450 here as well. :)

ethereal_reality Aug 24, 2012 10:51 PM

A negative of the elusive Court Flight.
found on ebay

below: Positive images with details. Note the sign that says ONE BIG LOOK on the lookout tower.


ethereal_reality Aug 25, 2012 12:16 AM

A few months ago I found this wonderful photograph of an unspecified area of Hollywood in the 1920s.
Since then I've tried to pinpoint the location and vantage point to no avail. :( I'm seeking your help.

below: Here is the entire photograph as it appeared on ebay with a W acting as a watermark.

below: This looks like it could a large sign behind a clump of trees.

below: On the left is an interesting 'stepped' apartment complex.
Atop the hill is an impressive stand alone building amid a group of mature trees.

below: Could 'W 655' be a clue?


KevinW Aug 25, 2012 1:01 AM

I've spoken before about wanting to create a 3D model of Los Angeles with a time slider so you could see the buildings that not only currently occupy a space but every building that ever did. One of my thoughts was after building enough houses by relating them to existing buildings you could write a computer algorithm that would recognize buildings and could pin point a photographs exact location and perspective. All I need is investors...

esotouric Aug 25, 2012 3:39 PM

Looking Backward: Depopulating Pershing Square, 2012-1954
Newly unearthed from the George Mann Archive are four 3-D Technicolor slides of the social scene in Pershing Square, circa 1954.

Over on the On Bunker Hill blog, they have been used to illustrate a six-decade history of intentional depopulation by civic and business leaders, which has again flared into a firestorm this week with City Council's creation of a Pershing Square Park Task Force. See them all, and more of George Mann's stunning color scenes of mid-century Los Angeles, On Bunker Hill.

KevinW Aug 25, 2012 4:46 PM

[QUOTE=ethereal_reality;5809925]A few months ago I found this wonderful photograph of an unspecified area of Hollywood in the 1920s.
Since then I've tried to pinpoint the location and vantage point to no avail. :( I'm seeking your help.

My first thought looking at this picture was that the hills scream Silver Lake. So I went to the LAPL and started looking at Pix of Silver Lake. Take a look at this one. The caption reads:

Mud and puddles fill the backyards of these homes as storm clouds hang overhead in this view of Silver Lake. A sign on the ridge (center) reads 'Moreno Highlands'. Photo dated: Nov. 3, 1928.

Wouldn't you say those trees on top of the hill are the same ones?

So there you go Moreno Highlands. Silver Lake.

ethereal_reality Aug 25, 2012 5:42 PM

Well that didn't take long! Good job KevinW. :)

below: Do you think these are stairs? If so, I'd like to locate them using the 'google car'.


ethereal_reality Aug 25, 2012 6:04 PM

I thought we had found all the good photos of the giant 57, so my jaw dropped when I came across
this photograph on ebay last week.

below: high resolution details highlighting the billboards.

below: We now know what brand of paint was used. :)

below: Here is an earlier post on the subject.


Originally Posted by fhammon (Post 5653474)
Here's a little tidbit of historical info that not many will find particularly interesting. I'm gonna post it anyhow because I live at the Village Green in Baldwin Hills so of course I find it extremely interesting.
Now ya'll get to know about it too.

Back when the last remnants of Rancho la Cienega o' Passo de la Tierra (Baldwin Ranch) was being sold off by Lucky Baldwin's daughter Ms. Stoker, there was a large number "57" made out of concrete stuck into the hillside above La Cienega Blvd. It was an advertisement for "Heinz 57 Varieties" and could be seen for miles around.

Look mid-right in this photo just where La Cienega jogs over into the pass where the oil derricks are:

Here's a ground-level view from Steve Keylon's Baldwin Hills / Village Green site: Look just to the left of the sign for the #57.
Steve's caption reads:
"A photograph taken in 1924, looking south towards the Baldwin Hills. The Heinz 57 concrete numbers are
visible on the side of the Baldwin Hills.

Here's a still I captured from a Little Rascals episode. Spanky is running across an empty lot. You can make out the #57 on the hillside upper left.

Now! Isn't this interesting?
Sure it is.....:yes:

ProphetM Aug 25, 2012 9:32 PM


Originally Posted by ethereal_reality (Post 5809925)
A few months ago I found this wonderful photograph of an unspecified area of Hollywood in the 1920s.
Since then I've tried to pinpoint the location and vantage point to no avail. :( I'm seeking your help.

below: Here is the entire photograph as it appeared on ebay with a W acting as a watermark.

So, using KevinW's wonderful discovery I determined exactly where the picture was taken from. :)

Unfortunately, you can't see a darn thing from that vantage point today:
Google Street View

This is at the intersection of Manzanita & Sunset Blvd. - Manzanita proceeds south behind the camera, but in front of camera it does not connect because Manzanita is at a lower level than Sunset. A set of stairs go down from the sidewalk on Sunset to Manzanita, which then continues. I believe the old photo was taken from the top of the stairs. Today there's that business & apartment building in the way of the view. The original photo looks down across an empty lot onto Wit Place, a very narrow street where the two small houses in the photo are still there. The garage to the right of them is gone, but the next house is still there as well. (There might be a tiny piece of the garage left: Street View)

Further back in the picture, all the big houses are facing Sanborn Street, and it looks like all of them are still there on both sides of the street. Roofs, windows, etc. all match up; the prominent one with dark walls and white window frames has lost its chimney.

Here's a street view shot of the most distinctive group - the house with a gambrel roof, a very small stucco building next to it and then a more ordinary house, just left of center in the original photo:

The big blocky building a little further away from camera is also still there; it is the back side of a small group of apartments facing Hyperion Ave.

ethereal_reality: bottom of the stairs
Yes, the stairs are still there. That is Landa Street. It's a narrow alley from Griffith Park Blvd. to Lucille St., and then stairs go up almost to Maltman Ave., and then Landa continues up the hill again as a street from Maltman. Landa stops again temporarily at Micheltorena Street, at which point you are right next to that giant place on top of the hill. That big place is the Canfield-Moreno Estate, aka the Paramour Mansion, aka The Crestmount, built in 1923:

GaylordWilshire Aug 25, 2012 11:06 PM


Originally Posted by ethereal_reality (Post 5810471)
I thought we had found all the good photos of the giant 57, so my jaw dropped when I came across
this photograph on ebay last week.

e_r... Could there possibly have been a "57" on another L.A. hillside? The typeface of this one—and maybe the hill—look different to me.... As for the Baldwin Hills 57, here's some good detail from the Sept. 29, 1917, Electrical World:

ethereal_reality Aug 25, 2012 11:08 PM

:previous: Very interesting could be right. I agree that the typeface looks different (as well as the hill).
Also, I didn't know the 57 was illuminated!!

Prophet M, I am really impressed that you located the residences on Sanborn Street that appear in my original 1920s photograph.
Also thanks for the information on the stairs. I am glad to know that they are still there.

ps. I didn't realize the impressive edifice at the top of the hill is the famous Paramour Mansion! Shall we revisit it? :)


ethereal_reality Aug 25, 2012 11:26 PM

GaylordWilshire, since you're our resident residence expert I was hoping that you might recognize this impressive home.

These types of postcards that are devoid of any information can be maddening.

alanlutz Aug 26, 2012 3:53 AM

Hey guys, haven't posted in a while but have been following the site since late Feb 2012. Love it! Have learned so much!! Posted a few photos but am still getting caught up with the past. Am currently only up to page 270.
Want to share two things. 1. on a recent trip to L.A. I was walking up Broadway with a friend explaining how there used to be 2 State Buildings on the corner of 1st and Broadway. One still has the foundation there and one of you guys did an excellent job of showing pictures of the tiles on the floor still there with a now and then photo shoot. This building was torn down around 1975. The other state building was across the street and was built in the 60s to replace or add to the first one. it was badly shaken by another earthquake and was torn down and remains a dirt pit. The Ronald Reagan State building is doing fine down the street. But my point is while I was passing the state building that still has a foundation and a parking garage under it, a live guard was posted there sitting under an umbrella to keep out trespassers. I called out hello to him and engaged in conversation. I stated how I enjoyed the pictures I had seen on this site of the old State building. HE says no, this was the old Law Library! I said, no, you're wrong, and I'd love to bring my pictures in to show you how you are wrong. Well, I haven't been back since, this was only late July, but how about that?
My other point is to share an excellent 6 part series some of you may have already found on Youtube on the street names of Los Angeles. It is very good and touches on so many points you all have brought out here over the past hundreds of posts. Enjoy:

MichaelRyerson Aug 26, 2012 12:11 PM

Nice shot of Prudent's house by our friend C.C. Pierce.
View of the Prudent Beaudry residence, Los Angeles, C.C. Pierce, ca.1920

'Photograph of the Prudent Beaudry residence on New High Street behind the Brunswig Building, Los Angeles, about 1920. A narrow, three-story tenement building is shown, with steps leading up to its second-floor side entrance. Few windows are built on the structure, with only two to a story at the building's face and one per story on each flanking side. A small balcony extends from the second floor, while the fire-escape platform extends from the rightmost window of the third story. A telephone pole and fire hydrant partially obscure the home's front. A hill with a rosebush is visible at left, while a second building can be seen behind the residence at right which advertises "Gasoline".'

USCdigital archive/Title Insurance and Trust / C.C. Pierce Photography Collection, 1860-1960

MichaelRyerson Aug 26, 2012 4:44 PM

A Sunday mystery photograph.
At first I thought it was 'Bob's' but it's obviously not on Wilshire...
Exterior view of an unidentified airplane-shaped gas station, ca.1925-1939

'Photograph of an exterior view of an unidentified airplane-shaped gas station, ca.1925-1939. An unidentified gas station is shown at center, shaped like (and possibly built from) a small airplane. The wing in the foreground of the image is supported by columns that sit in front of the fuel bay. The rear of the airplane reads "Royal Albatross". A sign on a post in the left foreground reads "Good Rich", while a building at the right edge of the image reads "Paul A [¿]". Hills are visible in the right background.'

USCdigital archive/Title Insurance and Trust / C.C. Pierce Photography Collection, 1860-1960

And although it's from the C.C. Pierce collection it doesn't seem like a Pierce exposure to me.

GaylordWilshire Aug 26, 2012 5:16 PM


I think that station was in the Valley--Studio City, maybe Ventura Blvd. Don't remember where I might have seen this pic before.

e_r: Well, that is a very interesting house but I can't ID it. For some reason I'm thinking Altadena rather than L.A. proper....

Los Angeles Past Aug 26, 2012 5:46 PM

A great series of then-and-now VIDEOS of that colored film footage of a drive in Downtown Los Angeles at night that we talked about awhile back.

Instead of embedding them, I'll just post links, then you can watch and enjoy them at your leisure.

By Nicole Wonders (via the "On Bunker Hill" mailing list):

Downtown Los Angeles Time Travel - Part 1

Downtown Los Angeles Time Travel - Part 2

Downtown Los Angeles Time Travel - Part 3

The vids have some great jazzy musical accompaniment, too.


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