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chris08876 Jan 19, 2017 12:27 AM

JERSEY CITY | 177 + 190 Grand Street | 300 + 178 FT | 26 + 16 FLOORS
Silverman & Fields Team Up for Proposed Paulus Hook Development


Two prominent Jersey City developers have joined forces for a project that will add rental housing and retail to one of the city’s major crossroads, a plan that will also help build a much-need annex for a local private school.

Last week, Eric Silverman and Fields Development’s Robert Caulfield presented plans to the Historic Paulus Hook Association for land that runs along Grand Street between Marin Boulevard and Van Vorst Street. The properties consist of a mostly vacant Z-shaped lot on the south side of the street in front of St. Peter’s ballfield (don’t worry dive bar fans, the property does not include the Golden Cicada), plus a parking lot at the north side of the street directly adjacent to Our Lady of Czestochowa.

The housing portion of the project, which is still in the conceptual stage, was designed by architecture firm HLW International. It would combine several lots and construct two mid-rise towers at the site, one 22 stories tall and the other rising up 16 floors. The buildings will be “tiered” and start out at four stories on the street level, a move the developers hope will help the project blend into the streetscape.

If approved, the development will bring between 275-300 market-rate rentals to the neighborhood, plus a small retail component. About 150 parking spaces will also be built in the project’s garage, which will be entered through nearby Sussex Street. The building will contain 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments and Silverman made a point during the meeting to stress that the project will “stay away from micro-units,” as larger living spaces have become in demand.

To move forward, Silverman and Fields will be seeking amendments to the Tidewater Basin Redevelopment Plan, which covers the area sandwiched between Paulus Hook and the Liberty Harbor North Redevelopment Area. Due to the stature of the proposal, changes would need to be made to the plan’s “Grand and Marin District,” which currently caps building height at five stories and 57 feet for developments that include a penthouse.
The residential portion of the project will help Our Lady of Czestochowa, a Catholic school, pay for an expansion of their academic facility across the street. Manhattan-based RKTB has designed a state-of-the-art annex slated to rise on the school’s parking lot that will include twelve classrooms, offices, basketball courts, a theater, and a rooftop play area. Caulfield, whose children attend OLC, said the annex portion “will ensure the school’s future” and allow them to cater to the expanding families starting to take up residence in the city.

The proposed project’s land currently pays no taxes because it is owned by the Archdiocese, but development would generate new ratables to the city if approved and built. Silverman said the companies haven’t made a final decision on applying for a tax abatement, but they likely won’t seek any and definitely won’t request a long-term one.

If the plan is approved, both the annex and proposed residential development would be built simultaneously. Silverman said they hope to be in front of the boards “this quarter” to present the plans and will also need a height variance for the school annex portion of the project.

chris08876 Jul 22, 2020 5:51 AM

Any status on this project? Permit wise?

I moved a few dead proposals for Jersey City to the never built / canceled section. Unsure about this one.

Nothings popping up via any of the major realty data dumps or even via a parcel search, so unless anyone objects, I'll move it down the line.

225 Grand is nearby, but nothing for 177 Grand. Site looks the same via street view dated back summer 2019.

Oron Zchut Jul 22, 2020 6:30 AM

This seems to have been a proposal that never made it past concept (see Jerseydigs article). As of now, St Peter's still owns the 177 Grand site.

Silverman purchased the nearby Golden Cicada when it closed last year. Presumably, this changes the original plan for the site. I'd assume they are still interested in building something, but having that corner parcel gives them different options.

chris08876 Jun 20, 2022 5:03 AM

Possible Zoning Changes Could Bring Two Towers to Jersey City’s Golden Cicada Site





A legendary but shuttered dive bar space currently owned by a local developer has a plan in place that could bring a 401-unit development with affordable housing plus a school to the land.

Just about three years ago, Jersey City’s Golden Cicada stopped serving their famous baijiu shots after a run that spanned almost four decades. Silverman moved quickly to acquire the 195 Grand Street lot, which welcomed the Golden Cicada Baja Biergarten late last year.

The company, under the subsidiary of Sussex Street Associates LLC, is now seeking to have amendments enacted to the Tidewater Basin Redevelopment Plan that governs the area. The changes are being sought to facilitate a development that would include two towers connected by a four-story base, creating a transition zone between Paulus Hook’s brownstones and Liberty Harbor’s high-rises.

The modifications would add additional “permitted uses” within the Tidewater Basin plan to include offices, retail, and cafes while also allowing mid-rise apartment buildings on lots of 2,800 square feet or more to include a maximum density of 55 dwelling units per acre.

The requested changes max out building height at 300 feet for any building fronting Grand Street and 190 feet for any structure along Sussex Street. The revisions add parking requirements of 0.5 spaces for every residential unit and also create new rules related to building setbacks, tower setbacks, lot coverage, and landscaping requirements.

401 total units and 204 parking spaces are proposed between Silverman’s two towers, meaning about 60 affordable housing units would be created under the plan. The endeavor, designed by architecture firm Fogarty Finger, consists of a 26-story tower along Grand Street that tops out at 275 complemented by a 16-story structure that would rise 178 feet along Sussex Street.

The two towers would be connected by a four-story base that would include a landscaped rooftop amenity area. The plan for the ground floor includes two 3,000+ square foot retail spaces along Grand Street and a 7,050-square foot space that is listed as a “school” under Silverman’s proposal.
Jersey Digs

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