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homebucket Aug 25, 2022 3:39 PM

SAN FRANCISCO | Transbay Block 2 | 181 FT | 17 FLOORS

Renderings For Affordable Housing At Transbay Block 2 In SoMa, San Francisco


New renderings have been published for the Transbay Block 2 affordable apartments in SoMa, San Francisco. The plans will create 334 new homes, split between two structures, the family and the senior housing buildings being developed respectively by Mercy Housing and the Chinatown Community Development Center.

Transbay Block 2 will yield a combined 315,180 square feet with 334 homes spanning 216,100 square feet, 4,720 square feet for retail, and 5,080 square feet for childcare facilities. Of the 334 homes, there will be 52 studios, 190 one-bedrooms, 55 two-bedrooms, and 37 three-bedrooms. Parking will be included for 136 bicycles.

Transbay 2 East will create 183 affordable homes dedicated to family households. The 17-story building will be developed and owned by Mercy Housing with architectural design by Kennerly Architecture & Planning. The homes will offer a range of affordability for households earning 20% to 80% of the Area Median Income.

Across the mews, Transbay 2 West will offer 151 affordable units for seniors. The nine-story building will be developed and owned by Chinatown Community Development Center and designed by Mithun.

While both buildings will have a unique architectural flair, the planning documents write that “the two buildings are a complementary pair, sharing a unifying low-rise townhouse massing fronting the park and a common masonry material sensibility establishes the block as its own precinct in contrast with the glassy towers across Folsom Street.” Facade materials will include pre-cast panels of varied textures, metal mullions and spandrels, curtainwall glass, and concrete accents. Wood accents will provide an additional flourish along the street level.

Between the West and East building will be an amenity-rich Mews passage. The mid-block walkway will be lined with retail space, multipurpose rooms, and a child-care courtyard. From the planning documents, “we envision this as a commons for outdoor dining, retail overflow, or simply as a place to decompress.”

The mews will connect pedestrians from Folsom Street to Clementina Street and the Transbay Block 3 Park. Plural is the landscape architect.

homebucket Aug 25, 2022 3:48 PM

And the renderings:

homebucket Aug 25, 2022 4:07 PM

The specs:

- Two buildings: one at 181 FT | 17 FLOORS and one at ~85-100 FT | 9 FLOORS
- 334 units (183 affordable units at 20-80% of the AMI in the 17-story building and 151 affordable units for seniors in the 9-story building)
- 5,080 sq ft for childcare facilities
- 4,270 sq ft retail
- Parking for 0 cars and 136 bicycles
- Notable public transportation: diagonal to the Salesforce Transit Center, two blocks from the Embarcadero BART station, two blocks from the Folsom Muni Metro station

homebucket Aug 25, 2022 4:17 PM


Originally Posted by unpermitted_variance (Post 9711755)
Looks solid to me, very nice design. This would cover the eastern third of the former temporary Transbay Terminal site, with frontage on Folsom, Main, and Beale. While it would be a great location for some more height, the transbay plan was pretty clear about where the tall buildings go and where the shorter ones will fill in the gaps.

Merging threads.

The current site:

homebucket Oct 16, 2022 5:45 AM

This is the park that will go between this and 200 Main Street (Transbay Block 4). Always good to see more public open space added.


Public Meeting Soon For Transbay Block 3 Park In SoMa, San Francisco


The San Francisco Civic Design Review Committee is scheduled to review plans for the Transbay Block 3 park during a public meeting next Monday. The plan will create a new one-acre landscaped destination between two dense housing plans on the former temporary Transbay Bus Terminal in SoMa. The San Francisco Public Works department is the landscape architect.

The public park will be positioned between Main and Beale Street, as well as the Clementina and Tehama alleyways that will be built with the park. The affordable housing block on Block 2 will be across Clementina, and the mixed-income tower on Block 4 will be across Tehama. In order to increase public interaction with the park, both blocks will feature townhome units with entrances leading directly to the open space.

The new park will include two portions divided by the main arterial paths. Facing Beale Street will be the grove, Stewardship building, and children’s playground. The stewardship building will be a central facility for department storage, community storage, and a public restroom.

The middle of the park will feature a plaza and deck connected by the habitat meadow and exploration area. A dog relief area is included along Main Street. The alleyways will be open to vehicular traffic in the current plans, though illustrations indicate it will be designed to keep cars moving slow.

homebucket Oct 16, 2022 5:48 AM

Some more renderings and the layout of the park, as well as the proximity to other parks.

homebucket Nov 24, 2022 3:00 PM

New updated renderings:


New Illustrations For Transbay Block 2 In SoMa, San Francisco


New renderings have been published for the two affordable housing projects at 200 Folsom Street in the East Cut, San Francisco. Amended plans for Transbay Block 2 are scheduled for a public review by the city’s Planning Commission for next week on December 1st. As well, new building permits have now been filed for the 17-story Transbay Block 2 East, being developed by Mercy Housing. Transbay Block 2 West is being developed by the Chinatown Community Development Center.


Kennerly Architecture & Planning is responsible for the design, with Y.A. Studios as the associate architect. For the facade’s material, the studio takes inspiration from Hills Bros. Coffee Plant along the Embarcadero, completed in 1878. The overall massing, by contrast, looks to the Crown Zellerbach Building designed by SOM in 1959, the first modernist curtainwall building in the city.

Illustrations show a granite grid rising from above the curtainwall retail base at the corner of Folsom and Main Street up to the 17-story pinnacle. From the highrise pinnacle facing Folsom, the structure is tapered down from 17 to 15, culminating in a five-story front facing the Block 3 park.

homebucket Nov 24, 2022 3:02 PM

And some more renderings:

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