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ethereal_reality Feb 22, 2015 8:36 PM

I searched "Queirolos", Queiroles", "Queriola" & "Queriolo" and nothing came up,
so I'm pretty sure this photograph is new to the thread.

(I also searched "Queriolo" and "Queirolo" at both LAPL and USC Digital Archives with no results)

What first caught my eye was that amazing car on this dirt street full of jalopies.
What was that guy doing in this neighborhood I wondered.
old file /dated 2011

"_ _ __ _ _along Queriolo St. from Date St." (written in white along the bottom of the photograph)

I've pinpointed the location on this 1906 map. (here the street is spelled Queirolo) -the i is before the r instead of after it, like it is on the photograph

below: on this map I thought the street was spelled "Queirolos", (I just realized the s is for st, the t is invisible)

-here's a closer look at that beautiful automobile. I wonder what the round sign on the gate with the interesting graphic is for ...does it say BAG! or BANG!...B

below: In this detail you can make out the name "Eureka Supply Co." on a sign down the street.
(but I can't read the name above the door on the building at left)
1932 city directory / LAPL

So what is the tall building at the end of Queriolo Street.......does anyone know?
...and what do you think that guy in the fancy automobile is doing in this run-down part of town. ;)

Ed Workman Feb 22, 2015 8:38 PM

THe Compton pic is post ww2. The car didn't go into service on PE, for the US MAritime Commission, until 1943, PE bought it and refurbished it after the war, when it got the PE paint and number shown. Without looking, this car came from Northwestern PAcific, while many more of similar appearance came from Southern Pacific Oakland lines. To put a fine point on it, the ex SP cars were owned by the toll bridge authority to pay off an SP debt

tovangar2 Feb 22, 2015 9:04 PM


Originally Posted by ethereal_reality (Post 6924843)
I searched "Queirolos", Queiroles",
(It's a bit difficult to read what it says at the bottom)
I can't make out the first part of the sentence, but the rest says "_ _ __ _ _along Queriolo St. from Date St."

We're back in the 1924 quarantine area. The notation says, "Looking north along Queriolo St from Date St". Maybe there's some clues in the map below:

Originally Posted by Tetsu (Post 6889442)

ethereal_reality Feb 22, 2015 9:16 PM


Originally Posted by HossC (Post 6924822)

HossC, do you think it could be this building on the northwest corner of 12th and Main?

below: In this detail you can see some of the architectural ornament (matches architectural details used at that period of time)

below: It's probably my imagination, but could that faint line on the roof be where the row of windows used to be? (you can see them in the postcard)

looking down on the building

:previous: Again, there's that lighter area along the roof / could that have been the row of windows in your postcard?

HossC Feb 22, 2015 10:00 PM


Originally Posted by ethereal_reality (Post 6924879)

HossC, do you think it could be this building on the northwest corner of 12th and Main?

You almost had me convinced, e_r, but there's no sign of any building at that location on the 1910 Baist map i.e. three years after the postcard's date. It was still the corner of the grounds of the Huntington Hall School for Young Ladies. This is before the extension of Broadway and the construction of the Examiner Building. The current address of the building above is 1159 S Main Street (subdivided into three units as 1159A/1159B/1159C), but I couldn't find a build date.

tovangar2 Feb 22, 2015 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by T.J.P. (Post 6924811)
Does anyone happen to know this attractive brick building?

The sign saying "Hayden Clinic" is a prop only and has nothing to do with the real purpose of the building. The screen grab is from a 1982 episode of the "Falcon Crest" TV series. The only thing I know is that the building is somewhere in Greater L.A., most likely within the usual 30-mile filming zone.

Thank you so much for your help!

I don't know it, but if you could direct us to the video, maybe there will be enough context to identify it.


Originally Posted by HossC (Post 6924921)
...there's no sign of any building at that location on the 1910 Baist map i.e. three years after the postcard's date.

What corner was it on?

ethereal_reality Feb 22, 2015 10:17 PM

I just came across this photo earlier this afternoon on ebay.

Take a look at that precarious scaffolding. Obviously there's construction going on...but that seems ridiculously tall.
-also note the white house with the turret next to the construction. -anyone recognize the house? It looks like a real charmer.

tovangar2 Feb 22, 2015 11:38 PM

:previous: The Barker Bros Store was on Spring between 4th and 5th, meaning your turreted house was on Main between 5th and 6th (I think)

stanklem Feb 22, 2015 11:50 PM

This card with 1906 date was found on Martin Turnbull's site of Hollywood places. Lots of period photographs on this ppage.

HossC Feb 23, 2015 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by ethereal_reality (Post 6924948)

I just came across this photo earlier this afternoon on ebay.

Take a look at that precarious scaffolding. Obviously there's construction going on...but that seems ridiculously tall.
-also note the white house with the turret next to the construction. -anyone recognize the house? It looks like a real charmer.

Seeing as the seller dates this as 1900s, from the 1900/01 CD, here are the details of some of the buildings with visible signs:

422 S Spring - Barker Bros, furniture and carpets

439-441 S Spring - Niles Pease Furniture Co, furniture, carpets and draperies

530 S Spring - Edwin J Brent, furniture

507 S Main - H Raphael Co, glass doors and windows

And a few more for businesses without visible signs on South Main:

513 S Main - Chas Whealand, upholsterer

515 S Main - M Kalisher & Co, billiard and pool supplies

519 S Main - Chas P Walker, second-hand goods

523 S Main - John W Griffin, resident

527 S Main - Mrs Louie Y Garner, resident

533 S Main - Jas A Donahue, resident

Back in the 1898 CD, 533 S Main was the address of the Silver Republican Club. The house in the picture above does not match the one posted by e_r in post #23681, but that photo didn't come with an address. Then again, when I compare the photo above to the 1910 Baist map below, 533 S Main should back onto the building with the "Brent's The Great Credit House" sign i.e. just off the bottom of the picture. That would mean that the building under construction was the Brennan Hotel, and the turreted house was later replaced by the Interlaken/Interlacken Hotel (listed at 521½ S Main in the 1909 CD). The 1910 Baist map below is from my reply about the Silver Republican Club in post #23689, which also includes a link to tovangar2's post about the Brennan Hotel fire of 1913.

ethereal_reality Feb 23, 2015 12:57 AM

:previous: -Excellent research HossC.

So the building under construction in my eBay photo eventually burned.

here's an interesting anecdote

-am I reading this correctly? A movie company sent over a camera man and actors to film fictional "rescue scenes".
I wonder what movie the scenes ended up in?


tovangar2 Feb 23, 2015 2:10 AM



Originally Posted by ethereal_reality (Post 6730785)
Los Angeles 1909

It would be fun to locate this house in one of the early panoramas that we've seen from USC.


The clubhouse pictured directly above was at 318 W 2nd St 533 S Main St.

The old address for the club was 318 W 2nd Street (see here)

The Silver Republicans moved to Main St on 1 September 1897 (see here)

And thx HossC, you're being amazing today.

Tetsu Feb 23, 2015 2:15 AM


Originally Posted by Beaudry (Post 6923504)
Here's an upcoming event that should appeal to a variety of us on here:

Link here— http://www.americancinemathequecalen...-angels-flight

Beaudry, does one have to (or is it recommended to) buy the tickets ahead of time? Would love to buy tickets the day of and avoid paying Fandango's service fee, if possible. :D

Slauson Slim Feb 23, 2015 3:54 AM

Wasn't Don Ellis's place, The Boneyard, near there in the '60s? Ellis was a visionary jazz big band leader, arranger and musician.


Originally Posted by Chuckaluck (Post 6067229)
Bel Air Car Wash was listed at 1041 N. La Brea (approximate location of Best Buys).

When Lem was still greeting patrons at the Formosa, the place you pictured on the north side of Santa Monica (7205) may have gone by the name "Ports." Current name, "Jones Club" seems to have been there for quite a while.

Daylite Motor Parts, 7215 Santa Monica; Jack's Fiat 7225. . . . .

Reminiscing about the area leads me to this penciled list of decades old haunts:

Cianti Cucina, Border Grill, The Moustache Cafe, Double Rainbow Ice Cream, Fellini’s, and Citrus on Melrose

City Restaurant and Campanile on La Brea

Emilio’s and Hamptons on Highland

Chaya Brasserie on Alden

L’Ermitage / L’Orangerie on La Cienega

The Source, The Old World and Le Dome on Sunset (More on the Source: http://restaurant-ingthroughhistory....the-aware-inn/)

RJ’s on Beverly Drive

Hugo’s on Santa Monica

The Daisy . . . Bistro . . . Spago’s(on Sunset) . . . PCH Granita . . .

Adriano’s and George Santa Pietro’s on Beverly Glen

Trying to forget La Strega on Western :shrug:

BifRayRock Feb 23, 2015 4:07 AM

A Pico - La Cienega follow up?

August 13, 1933

Fox Carthay . . . in the distance looking E x NE

BifRayRock Feb 23, 2015 4:31 AM

Watch for Cavalcade, a picture of the generation!

And another visit to the Fox Studios?

October 1932.

BifRayRock Feb 23, 2015 5:16 AM

Action at Atlantic and Whittler Blvds.

December 29, 1930

More miniature golf!

BifRayRock Feb 23, 2015 5:33 AM


Originally Posted by Godzilla (Post 5983199)
Mayor Shaw looks like he knew how to celebrate any event. All images from LAPL.

1938 - Mayor Shaw and entourage prepare to meet FDR

"FORE" or "ACTION" ??

1937 - Mayor Shaw at the Griffith Park Golf Club

Flyingwedge Feb 23, 2015 5:42 AM

Dreamland Roller Skating Rink @ 1138 S. Main

Originally Posted by HossC (Post 6924822)
I spotted this postcard on eBay a few days ago. Considering the Dreamland Roller Skating Rink was "The finest and largest rink in the city", I haven't had much luck finding any more information. There's a Dreamland theatre and a Dreamland dance academy in the the City Directories, but no skating rink at 12th and Main.

Dreamland was a little north of the NE corner of 12th and Main (On the map, north is on the right). It extended almost all the way to Los Angeles Street:
1906 Sanborn Map @ LAPL
1906 LA City Directory @

A. M. Edelman was its architect:
January 7, 1906 LA Times

Dreamland opened March 20, 1906:
March 18, 1906 LA Herald --

No, Harley Davidson did not also build motorcycles. :) Here's a photo of him with another story about the rink:

You can read about the successful opening night here:

Then . . . disaster!
February 5, 1907 LA Herald --

The same day, the LA Times reported the story a bit more succinctly:

The Dreamland Roller Skating Rink lasted less than a year:
March 7, 1907 LA Herald --

So the July 26, 1907 postmark on the postcard is a bit of a surprise. Another surprise is that the 1910 Baist Map does not show the alley between Los Angeles and Main (again, north is on the right):
Historic Mapworks --

The 1914 map shows the alley. The map also shows that our building on Main has changed from frame to brick. I'm a little perplexed by that, given the visual evidence I'll show next:
Historic Mapworks --

This is the NE corner of 12th and Main in 1939. It's hard to tell, but The Market Co. building might be the remodeled Dreamland building. The Sanborn Map doesn't show the jog in the roof, but please note the two raised, long, boxy skylights (if that's what they are) on the roof:

I've zoomed in on part of a photo taken January 1, 1907. At right, Main Street angles to the left between 10th and 11th Streets, just past the Hotel Cadillac. The spires of St. Joseph's Church at the SE corner of 12th and Los Angeles Streets are at far left. If you look closely above and to the right of the MUNGER'S LAUNDRY sign, you can see the row of those raised, long, boxy skylights stretching from Main Street almost all the way to Los Angeles Street. Is that the same building -- before it was cut in half -- as in the 1939 photo?:

Here's the east side of Main, north of 12th Street today. The building on the NE corner of 12th and Main looks to be the same one from the 1939 photo, but the old Dreamland site was a parking lot by 1964 (per Historic

BDiH Feb 23, 2015 7:04 AM


Originally Posted by ethereal_reality (Post 6924244)
ad for "Hillview Garage" in the trade magazine Hollywood Filmograph, 1932.

I'm not sure why this rather insignificant ad caught my eye

but it sure was fun to discover the garage building is still there, in the back of a building that fronts on Hollywood Blvd.

The high peaked building on Hollywood Boulevard next to the warehouse was once the Academy Theater and before that it was the Music Hall.

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