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HX_Guy Apr 7, 2011 1:51 AM

Couldn't find anything on that but I did run across this while searching..

Application #:

Existing Zoning:

411 South 2nd Street

Quarter Section:

Use permit to allow a farmer's market. Use permit required.

Ordinance Sections:

Michael A Levine Phoenix Seed & Feed Capitol Warehouse

Michael A Levine Phoenix Seed & Feed Capitol Warehouse

Michael A Levine Phoenix Seed & Feed Capitol Warehouse

HooverDam Apr 7, 2011 3:49 AM

I like Michael Levine in general from what I know, and he owns a lot of cool properties in the warehouse district, but do we really need another farmers market? The Downtown PHX Market isn't even that impressive yet (but its growing and coming along strong), seems bizarre to try to split the market.

PHX31 Apr 7, 2011 4:13 PM

Here's just a thought I had yesterday... not development news exactly... but sometimes we Phoenicians have an inferiority complex brought on by years of reading this forum. We want everything to be as dense and lively and urban as LA or NY, which obviously will never happen. However, there are a ton of areas that we can be proud of:

Yesterday I drove home from the DT YMCA, something I've done hundreds of times, but I really stopped and looked at what I was passing. Heading from a busy cool historic multi-story YMCA building I turned onto north Central. I passed the valet at a nice new Westin on the right and came up to the renovated 1920s AE England building and the beautiful new Civic Space Park on my left. It had a grandiose art piece and a bunch of students playing soccer in the grass. Speaking of students, to my right was downtown ASU and the pedestrians and multitude of bikes locked up to the racks, along with the modern Cronkite building with ground floor restaurants/retail that had students out on the patio eating in tables and chairs. Next on my left came a sweet historic post office followed by an amazing historic high-rise, the Westward Ho. I'm thankful for buildings like these. Instantly on my right was the downtown Phoenix market, busy with shoppers, but not only that, a gravy train of cool food trucks were parked in a line serving students, shoppers, couples their dinners. Next came a corridor of street fronting retail buildings for the next couple of blocks. There were more restaurants, offices, and boutique shops housed in renovated buildings, or in buildings just waiting to be restored. Finally I crossed Roosevelt and came upon more offices to my right (a couple in cool modern retrofits of old brick structures), and a soon-to-be modernized mid-rise hotel, and the Irish Cultural Center to my left. I drove up and over the Hance Park bridge... to my left was the old streetcar museum, a couple old historic mansions, one of them serving as a restaurant, and a condo building with ground floor retail/restaurant, and to my right was the beautiful modern Central library. Finally, I forgot to mention, the whole drive had light rail trains passing along side me and I drove by three light rail stations with passengers waiting to ride.

Sometimes we all need to stop and smell the roses. :cool:

gymratmanaz Apr 7, 2011 5:23 PM

Nicely said, phx31

Vicelord John Apr 7, 2011 5:37 PM

Glad you like our cowtown

gymratmanaz Apr 7, 2011 5:43 PM


PHX31 Apr 7, 2011 6:09 PM

get busy living, or get busy dying.

HX_Guy Apr 7, 2011 6:46 PM


Developer buys 51 acres in Deer Valley
Phoenix Business Journal
Date: Thursday, April 7, 2011, 10:46am MST
Related: Commercial Real Estate

A company that will build commercial build-to-suits and speculative construction has purchased nearly 51 acres in the Deer Valley submarket.
TOF DV Bixby Services LLC paid $8.5 million for the land located at the southeast corner of Seventh Street and Deer Valley Road.
The seller was ATC Realty One, a company formed by Wells Fargo. The seller was represented by Voit Real Estate Services in Phoenix. The buyer was represented by Colliers International in Scottsdale.

Read more: Developer buys 51 acres in Deer Valley | Phoenix Business Journal
Seems like this could develop into quite the area now that it will be anchored by the new FBI Phoenix HQ on the SE corner of the same intersection. I wonder how many employees the HQ will house?

HX_Guy Apr 7, 2011 8:15 PM

Phoenix's Civic Space Park made #4 on Top 10 Urban Parks according to Sunset...

bwonger06 Apr 8, 2011 5:48 AM

Looks like things are moving forward which is a big plus

[IMG]Plans for downtown medical lab advance

1 comment by Emily Gersema - Apr. 7, 2011 12:00 AM
The Arizona Republic

A construction company experienced in building hospitals and medical facilities is in talks with Phoenix officials to rent a vacant part of the Phoenix Biomedical Campus so it can build a laboratory complex.

Read more:[/IMG]

Good public-private relationship. Developer gets the land for basically chump change, while Phoenix gets what more lab space for a burgeoning biotech industry. This needs to happen so before the momentum disappears.

gymratmanaz Apr 13, 2011 2:37 AM

General tree statement about just the trees at the Civic Space Park and Cityscape. The trees are really filling in well. It is awesome what planting real trees does for a city. The trees at the park are impressively big, They have grown a lot faster than I anticipated. They look like they have been there for 5 years and not just 2 1/2 years.

Vicelord John Apr 13, 2011 4:17 AM

My God. That park is 2.5 years old??

gymratmanaz Apr 13, 2011 4:33 AM

If i remember correctly those trees went in about 1 1/2 years ago. The park officially opened a little after they went in.....I think. Time plies doesn't it?

But head over, you won't believe how big the trees have already gotten.

Phxguy Apr 13, 2011 5:43 AM

I hope those trees can withstand monsoon storms pretty well. Hate to a bunch in one storm.

HX_Guy Apr 13, 2011 6:44 AM

They are mostly Fan Tex Ash which I believe do quite well in high winds, I don't recall ever seeing one blown down.

bwonger06 Apr 13, 2011 6:54 PM


Michael Levine to Uncover 106-Year-Old Sign in Downtown Warehouse District


Meet the Hippy
By Caitlin Cruz April 13, 2011 at 12:01 am Print This Post

Andy Goldstein, creator of the Valley’s Two Hippies restaurants, looks around an office that measures larger than his first restaurant. The room is plastered with psychedelic vintage posters, restaurant reviews, family portraits and upcoming plans for a restaurant that will become Two Hippies Life’s a Picnic this spring, opening near the ASU Downtown campus on the ground floor of the Luhrs Building at 11 W. Jefferson St.
“We’re going to do all gourmet soups, really good homemade sandwiches and bagels all with outside seating,” Goldstein says.

glynnjamin Apr 13, 2011 7:56 PM

god damn they have shitty food.

bwonger06 Apr 14, 2011 7:02 AM

Holy crap... talk about a city full of people. Sold out Suns game, sold out Arcade Fire (they were amazing), and a diamondbacks game all going on. Before that you had the farmers market/food trucks/etc.

Wish downtown could get some type of small all ages venue again (Brickhouse and Modified were powerhouses during their times). Then you have Cityscape which has new Comedy club. And the weekends have been slowly getting better. Sorry for the optimism but I just can't wait to see this city grow up.

BTW- I officially submitted my job offer last week and will be staying here for the foreseeable future. Working in mid-town area but hoping to grab a place at Roosevelt Square or Alta Phoenix (trying to stay below the 800 mark not including utilities).

Also... go check out Payton Curry at the Welcome Diner (roosevelt and 10th-ish street). He is amazing and is what I would consider a destination restaurant. Give him an ear full because we need chefs like him (along with Nubuo, Bianco, and Chu) staying downtown because these are true game changers in the culinary world.

dtnphx Apr 18, 2011 11:01 PM

Postino owner opens Windsor and Churn in Phoenix
by Howard Seftel

After years of planning - and a delay because of a recent burglary - Postino's Craig DeMarco is ready to roll out his two, much-anticipated midtown Phoenix enterprises, Windsor and Churn.

The side-by-side concepts share space in a restored 1940 building on Central Avenue, just north of Camelback.

Windsor is the restaurant, offering an all-day menu of what DeMarco calls "glorified bar food" that's "casual, accessible and family friendly." (There's a kids' menu.) The goal, he says, is "a good price point, fast execution and recognizable items that we make a little better than our competition."

Look for starters like corn dog poppers ($6), pozole ($5, bowl) and cheddar fondue swished with pork, apple, sausage, pretzel and caraway bread ($11).

You could make a light meal out of salads, which include a kale Caesar ($9) and Waldorf chicken salad ($10). But the sandwiches sound a lot more tempting, like the banh mi halibut ($13) and porkwich, layers of pulled pork, braised ham and bacon topped with cole slaw on a buttermilk bun ($12). And DeMarco is particularly fond of the crab cake BLT ($15).

Sandwiches come with a choice of two sides. Among the options are fries, kale chips, fried okra and macaroni and cheese.

Look for daily specials, too: Sunday through Tuesday, casseroles; Wednesday and Thursday, pot pies; Friday and Saturday, ribs.

Windsor is hoping you'll hang around for desserts, like right-out-of-the-fryer donuts with chocolate fudge and homemade jam ($6), and a milk chocolate tart with a peanut and pretzel crust ($6).

As you might expect from a DeMarco restaurant, beverages are a key component. Along with an attractive list of cocktails and beers, Windsor offers eight boutique wines, trendily served on tap out of stainless steel kegs.

Meanwhile, Churn is all about homemade ice cream, as well as pastries, cookies and coffee. DeMarco describes it as an "old-school soda fountain" whose white Carrara marble gives it what he calls an "emergency-room" gleam.

The eight ice cream flavors will stick to the basics, such as vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan and marble fudge.

Opening day for Windsor and Churn is scheduled for Monday, April 25.

Details: Windsor, 5223 N. Central Ave., Phoenix. 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., daily. 602-279-1111,

Churn, 5223 N. Central Ave., Phoenix. 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., daily. 602-279-8024,


The little strip center in which this went in was stripped so far back that I can't imagine it had any 1040s architecture left. Having said that, it looks much better than the storefront did before. That area will be very cool once they tighten up Central Ave and get past the contamination on empty lot next door.

Vicelord John Apr 19, 2011 12:20 AM

That intersection is becoming a real hotbed for restaurants and life. I wonder how long it will be before that nasty strip mall where the Prime and Four Kings are will be rehabbed, and that empty parcel in front of the train station is developed... hmmmm someone should grab Beefeaters up soon too I'd suspect.

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